Can't convert Reach Panel CSV to RV3 format for Studio

I imported the CSV file that was recorded in Reachpanel. The file was imported into ReachView3 and then I turned around and exported it back out so I could bring that file into Emlid Studio for Stop and Go processing. But I get an error that “Point Time Stamps can not be converted”.

Is there a utility yet that will simply convert the Reachpanel CSV file so that it can be imported in to Eml Studio? If not, is there a special way that the ReachPanel CSV version needs to be converted to Reachview 3 format?

Thanks for your help!

Hi Tim,

You did the right thing. The easiest way to migrate from Reach Panel to ReachView 3 is to import and export the CSV. But it seems something went wrong. Can you share the CSV from Reach Panel? I’ll check it myself.

Yep, here you go! Moving forward, all surveys will be done in ReachView 3 and stay out of Reach Panel. (959 Bytes)

Hi Tim,

Sorry, I confused both of us! The only way to make Reach Panel CSV work in Emlid Studio is to edit it manually. ReachView 3 doesn’t import and modify time intervals.

I did it for you. But I need to note that surveying with ReachView 3 is the right choice :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you Svetlana! I have switched to RV3 and this was for a buddy that also uses Emlid. So I have let him know he had to make the switch to use Studio. In the past, I had actually used the RV Panel because I would be multitasking and I would start the “measure” and then leave with the device (phone or tablet). When I returned, I would reconnect, accept the capture, and move one. But with RV3, the I assume the device must alsways be connected since the Measure is being saved to the device and not the RS/RS2 unit.

But now I just use a dedicated tablet mounted to the prism pole :slight_smile: RV3 is very nice!

Thanks again for your help!

Friendship is … helping your buddy to get the best experience with Reach :sweat_smile:

I got you, thanks!


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