Can't convert my LLH to RINEX

Good evening,
I’m having issues in converting my LLH file, RTKCONV says that ‘File format could not be recognized’. How can I fix this?
Thank you.

The LLH file is a already processed file format.
You can only convert raw-format files like .ubx or RCTM to Rinex

Thank you, but I’m not succeeding with converting the .ubx file either: what I would need are the NAV and OBS file to proceed with RTKPOST, but if I select .ubx file, I only get as possible output the .nav file, and that is not even working, because I have an error message below that says rinex open error: …ubx.

Have you selecting Ublox as type in RTKConv?

Hi Elena,

Please share the LLH log with me so that we can take a closer look. If it contains some sensitive data you don’t want to share publicly, please, send the file to me via PM or via

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