Can't connect to Wi-Fi Network after update to 2.11.0

Thanks for all the great work you’ve been doing at Emlid!

The latest stable update has been working well for my RS units. However, while I wasn’t having trouble connecting to a Wi-fi network prior to the update, I can’t seem to do that now.

Any suggestions? I’ve tried the easiest fixes - deleting and reconnecting to my local network, turning the units off and on again, etc. - but I haven’t had any luck so far. I can still download and manipulate collected data just fine, but I want to make sure I can access th next stable update when it comes out.



Could you please share you Reach full system report?

Also please try to connect to different networks.


Have you resolved the issue?

I had a similar problem when I received my RS+. A reflash of the unit fixed issue (even though it was already on the latest firmware).

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There’s no response from @Lauren_O so it seems the issue went away. If the issue still persists, please create a new thread, I am closing this one.