Can't connect to reach view

Hi all emlid users pls after i update my reach rs2 i cant connect to reach view

You have to edit your post, so we can understand your issue.

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wrong thread can you expalin to me please

I re flash my rs2 after that my reach view stopping when it cheak tell now idid not work with it

Hi Ayas,

May I ask you to describe your actions in more detail? What firmware version is installed on Reach RS2?

You can also send us the screenshots or a short video demonstrating this issue if you like.

Thank you I re flash my reach rs2 to version 2.20.8 and everything gone OK but when I come to update the reach view it’s not connecting I will send you tommorw video and snapshots thank for you

Hi Ayas,

Have you managed to take some screenshots demonstrating this issue? Do I understand correctly that you want to update ReachView from v2.20.8 to the dev branch?

Please, keep us posted.

Thank you gleb I fix it the problem was in my phone everything is ok

Glad to hear you’ve managed to figure this out.

thank you

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