Can't connect to Reach M2


Recently changed WiFi networks, so I wanted to rerun the setup and get the Reach M2 to be able to connect to it. My issue is that even if it activates the AP, and I can connect to it, neither my phone (with Reachview 2 or 3) or laptop can connect to it. When scanning the network on my laptop it shows up as, but typing this in my browser doesn’t work, the address refuses to connect.

Please help me, don’t know where to go from there.


I use my M2’S as static. When I connect with them, I let the units run approx 2-3 minutes before trying to connect. The units need to get time from the sats before starting from my experience. It may take longer.

Sometimes, I get too impatient and try to connect quickly and have the same issue as you do.

Ah, that might be it, don’t have my antennas yet. I have been able to connect prior to changing my wifi router, which is the weird part.

I use these for mine:

When I bought my 2 antenna in April, they were $225 each. Maybe they went up on cost because of Emlid use, don’t know. They are in NGS antenna calibration list. Great antennas made by Harxon.

Yep, you’ve got to have antenna attached to M2.

Hi everyone,

Let me conclude on this topic.

Reach M2 needs to pass the time sync after you turn it on. It’s possible if:

  • the unit can see the satellites

  • the unit is connected to the Internet

If at least one requirement is met, the unit finishes the time sync procedure (green LED becomes solid) and you can connect to the device via the ReachView app.

@AeriaPhoto, please connect the antenna to your device and provide the satellite visibility to the unit. This way, it’ll be possible to access it.


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