Can't connect to Reach hotspot

Hi, sstacey i had just recently acquired the upgrade set for m210.
i had a few question since topodrone is not really responsive. Up until now i still unable to get connection to the unit through wifi or by USB. i could not see the emlid access point in my network. Tried to connect using USB but nothing appear in the network tab. Have you ever encounter any issue like this, or maybe you could help me to suggest a solution for this i really appreciate it.

Can you see the emlid network on your mobile device, when looking at the wifi overview?

Hi, wizprod. No i cannot see it in my wifi network list. I had tried on multiple device, i couldnt see it. I am using topodrone rtk for m200 version. When i powered on the module, there is no lights indicator, but i can see light inside the case thru the GPS antenna hole, is this normal?

We set up the emlid base. We see emlid base on wifi and configure that first.
Then we turn on the Drone. The Reach M is powered directly through the modified camera. Once that start up process is complete, you should see the lights on the Reach M, just like you would on a Reach RS. Using the mobile device, phone or ipad, go to wifi settings and connect to Reach M. We configured everything in the office first, to ensure that everything from the Reach M, Reach “Rover” and Reach “Base” all had unique names, so we knew what we were connecting to. On the drone, we just named it “Reach M+” Once the drone is one and the lights on the Reach M have passed to a green state, then we connect to it and configure the Reach M like we would a rover in stand alone.

Hi @ariffabidin,

Is there any LED indication on the Reach M+? How do you power the unit?

I am using topodrone latest L1/L2 module set. There is no led indication on the unit. I can see thru the casing there is a led lights blinking thats how i know the unit is powered on. The unit is powered thru cable connected to the x4s camera, because when i powered my m210 v2 i can see the lights blinking inside the module. I am not sure if topodrone had customise the module and made it operational different from the original M+.
I am hoping if anyone had experience with this newer module from topodrone could share a thing or two.

Is it possible the module dont have wifi built in?

Hey there,

Topodrone is using a different device so I’d recommend checking with their support directly.

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