Can't connect to Mission Planner arducopter

Hello, I got this error and am completely stuck as to what’s wrong.

Looking at: sudo nano /lib/systemd/system/ardupilot.service
is an empty file…

What’s supposed to be in there and why can’t I start service??

Someone please help me.

I was too impatient and just formatted then reburned the image again.
Got everything setup and now I’m trying to connect to ArduPilot Mission Planner.

  1. writing the enabling arducopter on boot command then rebooting returns this:

what’s wrong?

2.Mission Planner is forever connecting…

Sorry for the numerous questions.

Update: Fixed my own issue.

Sharing this just in case anyone needs it.

Firewall blocked missionplanner - check firewall settings if you have this issue too.

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