Can't connect to Hotspot created by Laptop

I’m having difficulties connecting the Reach to a WiFi hotspot, created by my Linux machine. After switching over to this hotspot, the Reach goes back to the original network (my home wifi network) or to hotspot mode (if no other network is in my WiFi networks settings).

I’m able to connect to my created hotspot from other computers and devices, but for some reason my Reach unit can’t connect to it. The reach unit does however connect to my home WiFi network. After attempting to try to connect to my hotspot a few times, eventually the reach goes into the blinking yellow LED state. From here, I try to get some signal from GPS by placing the Reach (connected to a Tallysman 4721 antenna) by my window, but the yellow blinking never goes away (even on multiple reboots) and requires me to reflash the device. Each time, I’ve updated both my receiver and the ReachView App.

I’ve double checked the ESSID and Password multiple times and have ensured I’m using WPA2 encryption.

My goal is to use ReachApp in the field, but I don’t want to bring an additional router, so I would very much like to use my laptop’s hotspot.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Learning (again) from a recent experience, we should ask:

  1. Does your Linux laptop hotspot provide DHCP service?
  2. What subnet is it on?
  3. Can you tail the system log to see if there are any useful error messages?
  4. I’m not sure, but maybe there is a separate log file for hostapd too?

Hi James,

You can use Reach hotspot in the field to access the app. Why would you like to connect it to your laptop’s hotspot?

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  1. I don’t believe DHCP service is provided by my hotspot, because some tutorials I’ve been reading instruct to install/ use dhcp tools for this. My networking skills are very limited, sorry. Instead of doing the command line hostapd and dhcp setup, I’ve just used the Linux hotspot creation tool, following this tutorial: (the 1st answer). I was able to connect to this network with a Raspberry Pi 3, iPhone and another laptop, so I thought the Edison wouldn’t have trouble connecting to it.

  2. It’s on subnet

  3. Should I run this on the Reach or on my Linux machine?

  4. Not too sure on log file

I’ll try to follow Igor’s advice and just use the Reach’s hotspot because it seems very straightforward and will satisfy my needs, but thanks for the help!

Also, I found your other post on ssh’ing into the Reach even while it’s stuck in the blinking yellow light state, and that was very helpful.


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