Can't connect to Dronekit

Hi Polina,

I am having the same issue. I cannot make the Dronekit connect.
It is not a hardware problem for sure. There are very few tutorials on Navio2 available, and when you find something, they are not clear enough and miss some steps.

I have the Navio2 with everything updated. I can connect the mission control app and also my RC normally. The only thing I can’t make work is the connection with dronekit to run python scripts.

And this is the command line: --master --out --out

Can you please help?

Hi @rafaelnavarro,

I apologize for the much-delayed response!

We’re currently trying to determine the issue with the Dronekit connection. I’m afraid we might need more time before we can come up with the solution. Once there’s an update on this issue, I’ll reach out to you immediately.

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Hi @rafaelnavarro, did you get this one to work? I am getting the same error “no heartbeat in 30 seconds”.

Hi, same problem here, any updates from Emlid?

I managed to get this working by building ArduPilot from source and instead of running arducopter, stop arducopter and start ardupilot. Also make sure to change the ardupilot.service to point to the new build location. Hope this helps

Downside is the connection between the GCS and the drone is lost

Hey everyone,

Thank you for your patience!

We’ve just released a new image for Navio2 that should fix the issue with the Dronekit connection. You can check out all of the improvements and fixes in this community forum thread.

It’d be great if you installed the image to see if all of the fixes work for you.

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