Can't connect RS+ with iPhone 5

I’m unable to connect to any of my three Reach RS+ units (latest stable firmware, 2.22.7, on all three) using either the ReachView app or browser on my iPhone 5, iOS 10.3.4.

Two other apple devices (iOS 12 and iOS 13) are able to connect using the app and browser, as is my browser on Windows 10.

Has this new release of ReachView changed the iOS minimum requirements?

In the Apple Store the app is still listed as requiring iOS 8+.

This same iPhone 5 worked well and connected using the app to all three of my units running ReachView 2.18.1. I recently upgraded directly from 2.18.1 to the current stable 2.22.7.

I really hope my iPhone 5 isn’t useless as a ReachView controller…

Now, with firmware 2.22.7 and the same iPhone 5, the ReachView app opens, it detects and lists the RS+ units properly, and then when I click the RS+ unit listing to connect, ReachView just sits there on a black screen with the dark grey Emlid logo barely visible. The logo never starts to fill blue, and nothing else happens. I’ve waited for more than 15 mins. Same black screen shows when typing in the IP address into a browser on the iPhone 5.

I’ve tried connecting via direct wifi (Reach RS+ creates a hotspot that I connect the iPhone 5 to) and by connecting both devices to the same third-party wifi. Neither works, same problem occurs.


Hi @evan.wolf,

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Could you please install the 3rd-party browser like Google Chrome onto your iPhone 5 and check whether you can access the receiver via it? The Safari version on iOS 10 may have caused such behavior on the latest ReachView firmware versions.

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Thanks for the reply,

I used the Firefox browser on my iPhone 5, not Safari.

The Emlid app and the Firefox browser exhibited exactly the same behavior.

For comparison I just tried the Safari, Opera Mini, and Chrome browsers on my iPhone 5. They all behave exactly the same as the Emlid app and the Firefox browser, as described above.

Hi @evan.wolf

We will try to reproduce that with the device on iOS 10. Then, I’ll come back with a summary.

Hi @evan.wolf,

The newest versions of the ReachView may stop working with the devices on iOS 10 as we move forward and update our app with new functionality that may not be supported in older browsers. If we try to keep their support, it might slow done overall app performance significantly.

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