Can't connect Reach RS+

Hello, I hope you are doing well. I delivered new Reach RS+ today and I have some problems with it, because Reachview app it’s not anymore in apps store and I can’t update with Reach Firmware FlashTool 1.9.0.

If you see the picture I’m waiting for one hour and still can’t connecting. Can you help me for this issue?

Best Regards

Hello Nderim,
You can follow the instructions here using a smartphone or tablet with Android for example:

I advise you not to use the flashtool the first time.
Also the application ReachView 3 is always available here:

Good luck!

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Thanks for your advise but I try it in ReachView3 and I have this problem

I uninstall the ReachView3 and I reinstall the Reachview3 and now it’s working.
Beset reagards

Hi Nderim,

Glad to know it’s working now! I just wanted to share one tip – you can turn off the Mobile data on your Android device before connecting to the Reach hotspot and ReachView 3. It helps establish a successful connection.

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