Can't connect Navio+ to Mission Planner

Hi Guys,

I have everything powered up and I’m trying to connect to mission planner on a windoughs machine.
Navio+ on raspberry pi 2B with IP: (Mission Planner is on Windoughs machine

running command
sudo ArduPlane -A -C udp:
causes an endless stream of wild ASCII characters to appear on the screen, matrix style. Makes me wonder why the UDP stream needed to be output via stdout.

Anyways, when I go into Mission Planner and hit connect (UDP selected) I confirm the Port 14550 and then it is just “waiting for UDP” and nothing happens.

Obviously both can ping each other and I disable IPv6 systemwide on the raspberry pi.

Any idea what I am missing?

Thank you

Got the connection to work, but I used APM Planner and not Mission Planner.

However, how do I calibrate the motor and the Servos?

I am confused as how the Navio+ is supposed to know which servo controls the aileronds and to which pins they are connected and all that stuff.

Do I have to tell the Navio+
pin1=motor ESC
pin2=Left aileron
pin3=right aileron
pin4=rudder left
pin5=rudder right


Please help me, I am a bloody beginner


it is supposed to be:
sudo ArduPlane -A udp:

if you want to launch arduplane with a secondary mavlink-stream on uart
sudo ArduPlane -A udp: -C /dev/ttyAMA0

-A is for primary telemtry
-C is for secondary telemetry

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@sdunster2016 Hi!

ArduPlane RC outputs have certain functions by default:

Pin 1 = Aileron
Pin 2 = Elevator
Pin 3 = Throttle
Pin 4 = Rudder

Please read ArduPlane documentation, there are a lot of information there:

Read articles for Pixhawk too, most of the configuration is shared with Navio, but these articles may contain some useful additional information.