Can't connect My two emlid reach rs+ for rtk

I can’t connect for rtk.

They output ando input settings are correct

They two devices are upgraded

What AM i doing wrong??

The same thing happens to me, it looks like it’s waiting for a correction and it never finishes setting the base coordinate.
In my case the only difference was that I updated to version 30.1.

En la version 26 beta tuve el mismo problema, me tuve que regresar a la 24 para recuperar la estabilidad. Antes de eso mis equipos funcionaban perfectamente.

Please write in English, when the original poster has started in English.

Hi Leonardo,

Sorry for the silence here!

Your configuration looks fine but maybe it’s better to change the LoRa frequency. It’s possible that the channel is already occupied so LoRa can’t transmit the corrections. You may start with the highest value and go down by 1-2 MHz for choosing the best suitable value for your area.

Please let me know if it doesn’t help. I’ll figure this out.

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