Cant connect base or rover to iPhone 13 after update

I have used the base and rover for over 3years now never had any issues, but after updating to 28.4 on both n
Machines and buying the new iPhone with LiDAR .icant connect the base or the rover to the iPhones’s works ok on my wifi at home and on my old android phone
Any help is appreciated

When I updated my iPhone it changed the hotspot name.

Try deleting the phone from the known networks on the reach, and re enter the log in information again.


Hi @zl1dje,

Welcome to the forum! I’d agree with @PotatoFarmer: check out if there were any changes to your hotspot name first. Deleting all of the known networks should do the trick. Also, this deletion will help your unit ignore your home Wi-Fi network while trying to connect to your iOS hotspot.

Just in case, I’ll leave the link to our video on this topic: Connect to iOS hotspot. It has all steps listed. Might be a good idea to go through them once again.


could not get it to work on the rs+ ,so bought the new RS2
now it wont connect either . the only way to connect to the iphone is to use a data sim
works great . now my other issue is the rs 2 wont connect to my data controller ,even though i have no bluetooth connections on it. and now i cant even load in any data files on my i pad to use
man this sucks
any help appreciated

Hi @zl1dje,

This issue is quite unpleasant to have, I totally agree. But I’m here to help you locate why something goes wrong.

Can you please specify if you enabled the Maximize compatibility option on your iPhone Personal hotspot page? This will switch its hotspot to 2.4 GHz and ensure connection to Reach. Currently, the receivers can’t connect to 5 GHz networks.

What data controller are you using? In most cases, you need to enable position streaming via Bluetooth for a controller to work with Reach.

Are there any issues with exporting files from Reach to iPad?

Hi @zl1dje,

Have you had a chance to try the recommendations for connection to the iOS hotspot?

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