Can't configure RTK link between base and rover

this is also the problem of my rs+ after updating to v2.23.6…base and rover does not have a connection. until now i cant figureout what happen.

Hi Raian,

Do you use LoRa communication between base and rover?

Could you clarify at which step of this guide you faced an issue?

hi tatiana.
i have followed the instructions of the guide. my problem is when i get into base mode of either base or rover, it is in tcl not lora…when i click lora then transfer to base mode of either base or rover the base mode will go back to tcl.

i even try connecting base and rover in different phones to check if setting were the same, still they dont sycn with each other.

is there a factory setting default, i think this occur during installation of v2.23.6.
thank you for your reply.

Hi Raian,

May I ask you to share the screencast of this behavior? It seems to be something unusual.

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