Can't collect points with RS2

Hi Olga
I have been been attempting to use the Emlid RS2’ s with my archaeological studies for some time. The rover data collection for find locations seems fine in single status but I have been also trying to use them with my magnetometer that requires a fix solution to collect accurately positioned data for track surveys. This has failed thus far and I have had to manually layout my survey areas. I have been trying work with support to get a solution.

So you aren’t getting corrections or is there some communication between the receiver and the magnetometer that’s not cooperating? Does the magnetometer has its own GNSS or is the RS2 mounted?

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The RS2 is mounted but the system requires a fixed lock to operate correctly. If the lock is not met. I have to use an alternate method which is long winded and more challenging.

Right but is it that the machine itself will not function or that you just know that you won’t be getting the results you would expect? Reason I ask is because our construction equipment will not go into auto if there isn’t a fix.

I know it is receiving the data but until it has a fix status it will not run.
I am in a field now with the 2 RS2 units. Clear sky corrections are being recieved but it is still on single status. Most frustrating.

That sounds pretty odd! Wha does age of correction and so on say?
On the base, what do you inputted as base coordinates?

Hi James,

It looks like you were able to achieve Fix status on your rover:

Let me know if you’ve any other questions on this. We’ll find the solution for it.

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