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Hi Polina,

I’m having the same problem with my LoRa radio (with a set of reach M2+ reach RS2) and since you exchanged by email, I can’t seem to pin point what was the source. If I understand, there is some internal hardware problem with the LoRa radio?

Hi @Dave-Poissant,

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May I ask you to specify what issue you experience? Do I understand correctly that you can’t change the settings in the Correction Input tab?

Hi @polina.buriak,

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I have to apologize, since I found out yesterday that the problem was a shattered wire IN the connector. So I had to literally unplug the connector and look through to header to spot it.

I can still describe what was going on:
I was connected to my reach M2’s hotspot with the Reachview app, and I wanted to change its “Correction input” settings. Problem was, I’m using LoRa radio to transfert data, and its settings was set by default and I was unable to change them (when changing the default frequency to one in the LoRa’s range and pressing “apply”, an infinite loading loop pops up and some “recv error(104)” or “timeout” in the background).
The shattered wire was on pin 1 or 7 of the 7pins connector.

Thank you for your time!

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Hi @Dave-Poissant,

Good to know you were able to identify the cause of the issue!

Have you managed to make your Reach M2 + Reach RS2 setup work now?

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