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I was doing some testing with a colleague with the new Reach View3 app for iOS (7.1) with her reach RS2s. For the most part, everything seems to work well. That being said, no matter what we did, we could not get to the receiver settings within the reach view app. I can only tap on the receiver and go to the panel via IP browser. It would certainly seem that the intention would be able to get to the settings from the app rather than going to the webui. Thanks and any help is much appreciated. Also, it would be awesome to be able to collect linework in the reach view 3 survey mode via averaged vertices and continuous (streaming mode) versus point and averaged point collection only. Even a continuous topo point mode would be nice. I realize that you can pull it from the rover logging but that is a bit clumsy and you cannot provide an attribute description in the field.

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Just to reiterate, this is for iOS. I have not tested with android and will not be able to for 2 weeks (or so) when the RS2s arrive. Also, the firmware of he RS2s were updated to the latest “stable” version but not the betas.

Hi Zach,

Welcome to the community forum and thanks for the report!

Can you please elaborate a bit on what version of the iOS system you have installed and what iOS product you work with? It’ll help us to take a closer look at the issue. Do I understand that you can’t get into the receiver’s setting but all other tabs (Correction Input, Position Streaming, Logging, etc) are available?

Also, noted your requests for the continuous survey mode and linework :slight_smile: We’re now checking out our options with it.

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Thanks. Yes, I cannot go to the settings at all within the app in iOS. I have to go via the web UI to get to the settings. We tested on three different Apple devices. I am guessing the iOS version varied. My phone is on15.4.1 and it’s an iPhone 11. I also made sure the receivers were on the latest stable firmware and of course, that we were on the latest version of ReachView 3 (v7.1). Unfortunately, I can’t test now because those were not my RS2s. That being said, I should be getting a new base rover RS2 set up within a week or two. It should be shipping by tomorrow.

Hi Zach,

Okay, seems weird. Is it possible to test with any kind of Android device? This will help us to locate the issue, whether it’s on the app’s side. It’ll be also great to check the full system report from the unit. You can share it with me via to keep all your sensitive data private.

There was a fix pushed out today of Reach View 3. I am hoping that may have fixed it. I will find out when my units arrive. It will probably be a couple of weeks.


Please let me know how your testing goes!

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@polina.buriak this is now working for me. I do have another question though. Am I missing something, or can you not get to the logging settings from ReachView 3 with iOS? I can get to the logging settings via the web UI but not RV3.

You can disregard my question. I see that I can get their via the app before connecting the receiver…

Hi Zach,

Thanks for the update! Glad you can set up the settings right from the ReachView 3 app!

You can get to the Logging tab from the first connection screen, true. It’s okay to figure out things on the go, no issues with it :slight_smile:

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