Can't add a point to the project in RV3

I tried to test it but after upgrading to 6.12 version of reachview app, whenever i pressed the (+) button to take a measurement, the app completely crashed. I tested it with 2 seperate phones (a xiaomi redmi note 9T, and a xiaomi redmi note 6 pro) with all connection methods, and got the same result. It was impossible to do my surveying work, so i downgraded to reachview 6.11, where the update rate problem maintained…I would appreciate if you checked on that crashing issue in 6.12…

Note: i also upgraded firmware to 28.

After logging through previous threads in the community forum, it appears that the coordinate system GGRS87/HEPOS that i used to work with is discontinued, and replaced with Global CS. I work with ntrip correction services given by a provider, and the output coordinates are in angular format, and not in projected e.g. E=212576.899 m N=4556778.677 m U=356.878 m. You stated that whatever CS the base works with, that will be the output CS in the app, but that doesn’t work out for me, as GGRS87/HEPOS works with HTRS07
(remote) base corrections. Please notify me if you find a way to fix this, till then i guess i’ll have to work with the app’s previous version.

Hi Dimitris,

I see you’ve been following another thread about ReachView 3 crashes. But just in case, I’m posting here too that we’ve released the new ReachView 3 version with the fix. Please update the app and let me know if the issue persists.

One more note: GGRS87 / HEPOS wasn’t discontinued. You still can find it in ReachView 3:

Global CS replaced only geographic coordinate systems, while GGRS87 / HEPOS is plane one.

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