Can't access to ReachView after updating to 2.11.0-ro

I am using reach rtk.
After updating the firmware from 2.7.2-r0 to 2.11.0-r0, I can not to access to the ReachView.
I can access to the updating view(Welcome to ReachView) by Ip address with “:5000”, but I can not access ReachView by IP address without “:5000” or with “:80”.
And I updated the firmware from 2.11.0-r0 to 2.16.1-r0, but I can not access.
I tried stand-alone mode and a mode connected to wi-fi, but neither can access to ReachView.

How can I do?

Hi @Yasu

Can I ask you to reflash directly to the latest stable 2.16.0 ReachView version?
You can follow this guide to do it.
After that, you should be able to update on 2.16.1 during the first setup.

Let me know about the result.

Thank you, @andrew.yushkevich.

I succeeded in repairing in the method you told me.
Unfortunately, all data was lost.
But, before updating, I downloaded all the data, so it’s no problem.
I appreciate your help.

Thank you.

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