Can't Access to ReaachView web-app

Hello! I am working with a Reach Module and I have just updated it to 2.20.8-r0.

After the update, I cannot access to the webapp but I have access to reach_ip:5000, this is what I get that URL.

When I try to connect to the reach_ip without the 5000, i get the following:

Before the Update I didn’t have this problem.
At the moment the LED’s are flashing slowly in this way: three times red and one time blue (for the client mode) and 3 times red and one time white (for the hotspot mode).
The problem is the same while trying to access either from my laptop or my mobile in either modes hotspot and client.

Edit: I already rebooted several times the module and also it has a clear view to the sky since it is directly on the roof.

The IP address might have changed after the reboot . You might need to use fing or the emlid app to find the new IP address.

I checked the ip and it is the same, and if it were a different IP I guess I would get an error when getting into reach_ip:5000. But instead I actually get access to the Test, WiFi, and updates site.

Also the state of the lights have to be solid ,nothing blinking

Actually you will have to reflash the unit because the is a lot newer firmware available for that unit

Hi Alejandro,

Agree with David. You can use our ReachView 3 app to find out Reach’s IP address in the network.

To work with ReachView 3, you need to get the latest stable firmware version on Reach which is 26.2. The only way to update your Reach Module to this version is to reflash the device as described in this guide.

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