Cannot upgrade to dev firmware

I have searched and not found any actual solutions for this problem. I am not able to update to the dev release of v2.23.9 on my RS2.

I have gone to the app and web interface, selected update (I have dev as my selected repo), it goes through the self check, no progress on the status bar and then fails. I ran into this while updating to the stable release v2.22.7 and had to update via the firmware tool. Not sure if its trying to grab the data from the wrong place or what.

I can SSH in and ping google,, etc. DNS and network settings look fine. Ping tests via SSH from the unit reveal no packet loss.

Any ideas? I looked around the documentation and couldnt find anything past the gui options.

Hi friend i have the same problem

Hi @KG7OOW, Ayas,

We’re already investigating the issue with firmware updates difficulties.

Please check your PM. I’ve written you a workaround in case you need to update your receivers urgently.

However, it’s a temporary issue that we hope to fix at the nearest time. I’ll get back to you once it works as usual.

Ham radio ?

Hi there,

Just want to let you know that we’ve fixed this issue. ReachView updates should work fine now.

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