Cannot sign into from PC today


I’m not sure where I went wrong, but I’m unable to log into my account this morning on my desktop PC (Firefox). When I try, the message says

Emlid Caster
Last time you logged in with
my email
Not your account?

Clicking on my email address, the whole thing repeats/ refreshes, without me ever logging in. I’m unable to see My mount points, address, port, password, mount point information, etc.

The RS2+ that is set up as the base is casting corrections just fine.

The RX is receiving corrections just fine.

Any suggestions as to what I should try next, or otherwise explaining what’s happening will be very much appreciated.

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I also got this recently. Either you delete cookies history or use the browser in hidden mode to bypass this.

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Hi Florian,

Thank you for your reply.

Are you saying to avoid this problem from happening that I should delete cookies for

And similarly, are you saying to avoid this problem from happening that I should use Private browsing for

How did you discover this work around?

I wondered if it might have something to do with my internet service provider and its assignment of dynamic IP addresses (as opposed to me having a static IP).

One thing I discovered was that by clicking on ‘Not your account’ in response to the message, I was presented with a totally new set of caster credentials. I quickly closed out of that page worried that I might break the already working in-progress NTRIP casting if I lingered.

This morning’s tests continue with the RS2+ sending corrections and the RX receiving them without issue under the first (and so far only) caster settings.

Maybe Monday will bring more light to the subject when staff can respond.

Thanks again for your comments.

Kind regards,


As mentioned the last time you had this issue, you can get past it quickly by just tapping the log-out button and then log back in. I don’t know what is the issue with Emlid’s server authentication, but this always works for me.

Hi Dave,

Tap? Profile tab? I may not have been clear; sorry. I probably should have posted a screenshot earlier.

I wasn’t talking about anything related to Emlid Flow app, but rather the browser interface for signing onto, e.g.,

There isn’t any log-out button

Okay, sorry about that. In my case, I am presented with the same authentication page on either my Flow profile, or my caster account. (see screenshot). I guess others see something else.

Maybe because I do not use a gmail or social media account login.


Hi Kelly,

What if you try to log in using another browser, not Firefox? You can try this to see if the issue occurs.