Cannot see secondary compass on Navio2

I get no readings in Mission Planner for the secondary compass. Do I need to enable it somewhere?


The older package doesn’t support second compass. We recommend using either a newer one (you’ll need the one with a disclaimer on top of it) or download a binary from diydrones buildserver.

I just changed to /apm-navio2_3.4-unstable.deb and I have the same issue. Any where else I need to look to enable the compass?

Turns out you have to start from scratch to make the second compass work. SO just updating the APM binary does not work. You have to get the emlid image, then install the unstable latest binary. That made both compasses work.

@markvanhaze there’s definitely no need to rewrite the SD card image - it does not affect compass in any way. Updating the package, checking “enable compass” and rebooting the device should be sufficient.

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