Cannot reach above 15 meters when autopilot

Hello again guys!

We are in the process of testing our octocopter now. But we had a problem about reaching above 15 meters altitude. We actually tested its altitude before and it reached 120 meters in autopilot mode.This morning, we set 2 way points. The first was at 10 altitude and the octocopter successfully flown. The second point was at 20 meters, the octocopter moved for about 1 meter between the first and the second waypoints and then stopped moving. At second attempt, we set one waypoint at 20 meters altitude. It flew to the first way point at low altitude going down luckily we were able to control it before it hit the ground.

Also, in stabilize mode, the octocopter was able to reach 20 meters and above.We actually reset the APM before the flight today because the sd card in the raspi was corrupted. We reviewed everything based from the first altitude test we had and we couldn’t find any solutions. Maybe we had a particular parameter missed to consider. Any ideas are welcome. Thank you guys!


Sharing log files and screenshots of logs will help to analyze your situation.