Cannot install usb driver with Reach firmware flashing tool


I’m trying to setup USB serial output to my Windows 10 laptop. Trying to follow this: Reach RS+ cant´t connect to PC by USB: no COM port , Zadig.exe shows 0 devices found always. Any ideas?

Sometimes it can help to try another USB port.

Hi @antonsimola,

Have you managed to enable Reach firmware update mode? In this mode, all three LEDs firstly should blink several times simultaneously, and then start blinking one after another.

Another USB port doesn’t make a difference sadly. RS+ goes into firmware update mode (cycling lights), but it is not recognized by the software.

  1. Are you using the USB cable that came with your Reach (brand is PIZEN)? If not, use the original cable or also try another different USB cable.

  2. If, in Zadig, you select: Options -> List All Devices
    What devices are available?

  3. Also, when you plug in Reach, do you hear any sound and do any new devices show up in Windows Device Manager?

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Hi Anton,

Please provide answers to @bide’s questions:

It’ll help a lot.

I managed to to install the USB Serial drivers. But I had to be in normal mode, not firmware update mode to get it appear in Zadig. Is this intended?

  1. Boot normally (not firmware mode)???
  2. Plug usb cable
  3. Open Zadig, it now shows 1 device found.
  4. Select Reach from devices
  5. Select USB Serial
  6. Install

Anyways, it seems it is resolved. Thanks for your help!


Anton, thanks for outlining the procedure that worked for you. This sequence of actions also works indeed, glad to hear the issue is resolved.

Still, the workflow from our docs also should work just fine. We’ll double check that.

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