Cannot find ROS packages support Raspberry Pi camera+Navio2

I am using Navio2+raspberry pi 3. And I installed the configured Raspbian image that comes with ROS indigo.
As I would like to use pi camera to capture images, I am searching on line and find this ROS package for operating pi camera but only support ubuntu (GitHub - UbiquityRobotics/raspicam_node: ROS node for camera module of Raspberry Pi)

Currently I just stuck on whether I should switch to ubuntu (impossible as pre-configed image for Navio2 is raspbian), finding another packages that supports raspbian+ROS indigo or use other camera…


Hi, @djsuo

You don’t need to switch from our image. gscam and gst-launch work just fine.

Thanks Kobylyanskiy, I can have gscam installed and it seems to be working now. More updates to come…