Cannot export survey job from Emlid Flow

I collected data for two separate jobs today with (2) RS2+ and Emlid Flow v8.11, survey subscription running on Android Samsung S23 Ultra.

When finished, I exported the first job with no issue. The second job will not export no matter what I try. A message pops up that says ‘could not export the file, check if your phone has enough free storage and try again’. I have over 500 gb and am only using 15% of that storage. I did edit the job and rename the title, however, I also did that for the job that did export correctly.

Any thoughts? Thanks.


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Hi Jon,

Welcome to our community!

In your second project, do the codes or the points’ names contain any special characters? If so, could you rename them and try to export your project again?

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That was the issue. Now i know not to use special characters! Thank you for the help.