Cannot export survey files or reaccess survey projects from Reach M+ in reach view

I have been having problems with Reach view in survey mode.

My phone is connected directly to the Reach M+ hotspot and I cannot go back into the same survey project in order to add more points, so I had to save each point as a separate project which I will have to pull together in post.

Now I am trying to export the files and Reach View does not respond for any file types. The message, “Project Export: Project is being exported please wait” appears but does nothing.

If anyone has any solutions to the above or knows how I can directly pull files from the Reach to my computer without Reachview that would be great. I cannot afford to have this happen in the field every time.



What smartphone do you use? Some Android devices doesn’t let to download files via ReachView app.

I’d recommend trying a web browser to export project files. Just enter an IP address of your Reach device and you’ll see ReachView interface.

Hi there,

I’m using a Huawei but I’m sure I’ve been able to download files before but from the logging section of the app.

I’ll try with the web browser as well, thanks.

To follow up,

I had the same problem downloading files from the web browser. It would bring up the “downloading please wait” message and then not do anything.

Also it still would not help me in the field trying to add more points to an already saved proejct.


Hi Elizabeth,

It seems like we’ve been in touch over the emails.

Would you mind specifying the firmware version of your Reach M+?

I will try to find this out, currently my reach’s local hotspot isn’t appearing in my wifi list on my phone.

Hi Elizabeth,

Could you describe the LED status of your device?

Power light is on, WiFi is flashing slowly, status is off.


It means that the unit is in client mode. It doesn’t broadcast hotspot.

Just to clarify, may I ask you if you were able to connect to the unit? Could you please specify the firmware version of your Reach M+?

It’d be helpful if you could tell whether these issues with collecting points and downloading projects happened only during one survey.

There is only one wi-fi network it could be joined to and it still isn’t visible when my phone is also connectd to that network.

I still have not been able to connect to the Reach, is there a way I can switch it off client mode without simply walking out of range of the wi-fi?

The issues with collecting points has happened the last 2 surveys I have tried to carry out. This is the first time I have eperienced problems downloading data.

Hi Elizabeth,

Could you please check if you can find the unit’s IP with the network scanning apps as described in this guide?

For IP identification you can use:

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