Cannot connect to AUSCORS

Reach RS2+
Internet connection via Wifi
Firmware version: 30
Emlid Flow (Android)

I tried to connect to:

I tested the system outdoor.

It shows waiting for connections.

I am not sure what I did wrong. I am also not sure whether I need to install the certificate from government site.

Please help. Thank you.

Hi @xyang,

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I see that the firmware and the app are updated to the latest versions, so there shouldn’t be any issues from this side. Let’s also check the following:

  • The NTRIP credentials. Do you enter as the address, 443 as the port, and CLYT00AUS0 as the mount point?

  • The Internet connection stability. You can connect Reach to another Wi-Fi network or a mobile hotspot to ensure the issue is not on the network side.

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