Cannot Connect Raspberry Pi 3 to APM Planner 2.0 or Mission Planner


I have a Navio+ and Raspberry Pi 3 Model B which I am running the ArduCopter on. I am able to run the AutoCopter with the following commands:

sudo systemclt start arducopter // run autopilot

sudo systemclt stop arducopter // stop autopilot

However, when I try to connect to APM Planner 2.0, I am having errors. The connection cannot be made. I connected an Ethernet cable from the Raspberry Pi to the computer (ground station so far), I set up the computer IP address and the computer is able to ping with the Raspberry Pi IP address. Also, I connected a USB cable from the Raspberry Pi to the computer as well, so I could use a connection through the USB port but it did not work.

Can someone help me please ? Give me some directions how to connect the Navio+ and Raspberry Pi to APM Planner or Mission Planner.

Thank you very much.


First things first.

There’s no USB port on a Raspberry Pi that can be used to transmit data. Those are only used to power them up.

I’m interested in the content of /etc/default/arducopter and sudo journalctl -u arducopter. Did you use specify Navio+ binaries when you’d run update-alternatives routine? Did your connection over a serial radio succeed?

As a matter of fact, there’s a draft for every post in the forum that we’d like to have before analyzing any issue.