Cannot boot Emlid image on Raspberry Pi 2

I followed the directions to create a boot image with the Emlid Raspbian Image. The Raspberry PI boots to a rainbow screen. Note that I do not yet have the Navio board attached to the Raspberry Pi. Is this a requirement for boot with the Emlid Raspbian Image. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I should also mention the Raspberry PI boots with using the standard Pi desktop boot image, but the EMLID Raspbian image gets stuck at the rainbow screen, so this potentially eliminates the power supply issue scenario.

You need to have the Navio attached or else unlikely to work.
…how else could it get any readings from the various build in sensors?

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Hi @kade98002,

As Karl had mentioned, the Emlid Raspbian requires Navio2 attached to it to boot. Otherwise, the initialization will be impossible.

Thanks for the feedback. I should be getting my Navio2 board soon, just wanted to get an head start with getting the build to work on the raspberry pi.

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