Can you control the Navio with python?

I was super excited for this project until I saw everything in C, is there any chance of a python port?

Hello Joeseph,
If you’re talking about python drivers for sensors - then yes.
We’ve found drivers for ADS1115, MS5611, PCA9685 on the internet and one of our team members is currently adapting them and they will be available soon. Other drivers will take a little bit longer.

I’m working on a Navio extension for Python (3.x) that can be used to talk directly to the Navio from Python. It basically uses the drivers provided by Emlid to interface with the board and make the methods directly accessible from Python.

I’m planning on putting this on Github anytime soon, but as I only just received the Navio board, you’ll have to wait until I did some testing. :wink:

@ben could you please post the github repo when its available? I’d love to tinker with it.

Sure thing. I have most of the components working, except the FRAM is giving me headaches :frowning:

Regardless, I’ll create the repo somewhere next week and let you know.

cool stuff I recieved my navio today and looking forward to get involved getting things going in python …!


We’ve added few Python drivers and examples from Adafuit adapted for Navio to our GitHub repo. But we are looking forward to work with Ben’s framework, it sounds more promising:)