Can you connect the Airspeed Sensor (MPXV7002) to NAVIO?

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i just bought the Navio Plus and i plan to use it on a Fixed Wing UAV. I was thinking about putting an Airspeed Sensor on the Plane, but im new to UAVs and all the Autopilot Hardware, so i dont know if u can connect this Airspeed Sensor ( and where to connect it on the Navio.
It works for APM so it should work for NAVIO or is that wrong?

Thanks for your help

The Navio+ has only the two ADC ports for the power module on a connector. The other ADC ports are just solder pads on the underside of the Navio+ board. You would have to solder a cable or pins to those pads.

Tanks for the advice.

Is there an I2C alternative? Or are there only ADC Airspeed Sensors? If there arent im going to solder it and then i should have a working Airspeed Sensor right?

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There are I2C alternatives. I currently use the Honeywell SSCDRRN005ND2A5 for airspeed. Its a ±5inH2O transducer. I have also used the MS4515DO. Both are good and have the same I2C address as well as communication method.

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THank you for your Answer. Because of the price, i think im gonna stick with the Analog Sensor. And if i got it soldered, will it work right out of the box and i just have to do the setup in Mission Planner? Or is there something i have to do first?

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