Can we use this type of gnss antenna for reach M2

can we use this type of gnss antenna for reach M2?

Lol wait a month or two and I will tell you. Aliexpress is really slow at the moment. But at this rate winter might lock me out for a few months.

Getting one for my permanent cellular Trimble Base, but first was going to test it vs the Tallysman Helical for the M2. The Helical will be a tough act to beat, its pretty much perfect for my uses.

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Hi Joseph,

We have not tested this antenna with the Reach M2, but Iā€™d recommend cross-checking its specs beforehand. Reach M2 is compatible with the antennas that meet the following requirements:

  • Antenna output current no more than 100 mA
  • Antenna DC bias no more then 3.3 V

Other electrical specs of Reach M2 are provided on this page in our docs.


how about this sir

To me other than cabling difference it looks like it will work.

Still waiting for mine to arrive, must be on a paddle boat.

I am still in love with the Tallysman helical for machinery. It really performs in tough conditions. It also seems impervious to dust buildup. Its the first antenna I have not had to stop to clean.

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If we use this?

Thats my plan.

I wonder if the antenna type will actually make any difference?

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