Can we export raw data directly from m+

Hi All,

I wonder if I can export the raw data from the M+ itself rather than using the mobile apps.

Im applying M+ with Sony alpha A7, However, the mobile app require internet for logging the raw data which is not very convivence.

And also anybody have the workflow for Drone with m+?

Any help is appreciated.


Doesn’t require internet, no, but does require a wireless connection from the app to the M+.

hmmm, but sometime I couldn’t load the logging page not really know what’s the reason.

But there isn’t any way to export the raw data from the m+ device itself, am I right?

Hi Eugene,

We mainly support the logs export via ReachView 3. Christian is correct; no internet connection is required to get the raw data from Reach. You just need to connect your mobile device to Reach’s hotspot. The page with the logs should load fine.

Does the Logging page unable to load each time you use M+ hotspot? Do you hold the mobile device near M+?

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