Can the M2 act as either a base or rover with the LoRa Antenna?

I was hoping to find out, is it possible that the M2 can be used as either a base or a rover? For example, could I use two M2s, one for the rover, and one for the base, by using the LoRa antennas to connect them? Or are the M2s a dedicated rover? I’m assuming for them be used as a Base, they would have to be able to receive NTRIP through a wifi connection and then send corrections, etc. Thanks for any input!

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Of course they can ! The M2’s are a great form factor for me. I use both of mine as an on site baseline collecting static to PP with my JAVAD T2 RTN rover. In case I lose cell coverage, I’ve got a closed loop I can PP to determine rover position and even to verify my JAVAD rover position in high-multi path areas. The M2’s are great in open sky conditions, not good near multi-path areas.

What’s so amazing, even in these high multi-path areas the JAVAD rules. PP static data with M2’s verifies JAVAD RTN position less than 2cm horizontal and vertical. PP using JAVAD Justin software. A really excellent PP software.

I haven’t tried using the LoRa with the M2’s yet, don’t really need it. It’s just fun being 63 years old and being a Licensed Professional Land Surveyor in the great State of South Carolina.


Hi. So I don’t need to purchase the loRa connector for the M2 to communitcate with another M2 for RTK corrections?? I was thinking I’d have to buy two LoRa one for each unit. Thanks for the reply.

You will need radios (2) if you want RTK or use as RTN rover. Mine are just for static use, no radios

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Hi @jherbranson,

As Bryan rightly noticed, you may set up two Reach M2 as a base and a rover. The devices need two additional LoRa modules to connect with each other. You may set up the NTRIP connection instead, but then you should provide the constant Internet connection to both devices.

Please note that Reach M2 isn’t designed for a land survey. So, besides LoRa modules, you will need to purchase a GNSS antenna and an external power source for each device. It may be hard to mount the devices with all the equipment to a tripod and a survey pole.


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