Can´t use files from Permanent Stations to Post-process


I need some help. I have a reach on a fixed wing UAV and want to use a near permanent station but I can´t use the files downloaded from that permanent station.

I can´t either convert them using RTKconv and, as I know, they already are in Rinex format.

I attach the Rinex obs File (.18d) and the GNSS and Glonass navigation files (.18n and .18g)

Any Ideas of how can I use/convert them to be able to use with RTKPost?

I have another Reach as a base, but want to compare the results with a Permanent Station.

Thanks (4.0 MB)

Use this to decompress the 18d files: CRX2RNX

And then either use your rover nav-file, or download MGEX .p nav files. If you only use the g and n files for nav, you only use GPS and GLONASS for your computation, not GAL, sbas and so on.

Thank you wizprod!

I follow your link and I could decompress the 18d file. Now I’m post-processing with RTKPost!

Glad to help!

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