Can’t connect to RS+ via Field Genius

(Christian Grüner) #1

Others using FieldGenius (/external data collectors) that have troubling connecting to RS+ after firmware update to 2.17.3 (in my case from 2.17.0) where it worked?

My Data collector is a Trimble Juno SC

(Luis Galina) #3

it works but I have a very high PDOP value

(Christian Grüner) #4

Seems a complete reset of the pairing settings and com settings on both devices did the trick. Can’t really tell who’s was to blame, and what setting did it, but it now works again.

Can not connect Emlid Reach to TDS Nomad Data Collector
Fieldgenius problem
(Christian Grüner) #6

Still having issues with this.
Looking a bit more into it, it seems the connection is unstable.
When I try to connect from Fieldgenius, it consistently fails. However seconds after it fails, ReachView indicates that is now connection, though it is then disconnected 4-6 seconds following this.

See the 2 screenshots below:

(Christian Grüner) #7

Finally got a solution to my issue:
When connecting to Reach from the handheld device, an outgoing COM port need to be defined per device.
In Fieldgenius you then to connect to that COM-port, not to the bluetooth device!

And then it consistently works!

(Zinedine) #8

I found the same problem, but I changed the software completely and opted for Nuwa APP under android.

(Timd1971) #9

I’ll have to check out this Nuwa app that seems to be becoming popular!

MicroSurvey (FieldGenius) and Carlson Survey REALLY need to get on the ball and get an APP version of their great software going here! They are after all some of the best when it comes to 3rd party survey software next to Trimble’s, Leica etc.

EMLID could really learn a lot from these and develop their own app based on all the necessary features that we need.

(Zinedine) #10

I think everything is a problem of time and money.

(Timd1971) #11

ha! Yeah, that seems to always be the problem for everything! ; )

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