Can’t connect RS2 for 1st time for update

I am unable to get my new RS2 units to get a firmware update for operating.

Using Reach View 3 and trying to get started. I go through the typical steps:

Turn on RS2

Get blinking white on the Hotspot indicator

Go to iphone Reachview 3 program and find RS2.

Click on RS2

put in Password emlidreach

Get solid white hotspot indicator

Go to Reachview 3 hit refresh

Find RS2 in list get indicate that firmware out of date

Go to Updater site select wifi

Get msg that RS2 connecting to different wifi and need to select the wifi I originally tried connecting to.

Need help!

So first you are connecting to the RS2’s hotspot, its ip is The RS2 hotspot has no internet.

You need to then switch the RS2 to your home office router. So you enter its information SSID myrouter Pass Myrouterpass. Your router will be a different network. Your router would be something like This network must have internet access.

You will have to make your phone / computer join the router network now to access the RS2.

If using RV3 it will automatically find it on the network. If just using a computer you will have to scan the network using a network scanner to find the device.

If all else fails take the RS2 for a long walk, once outside the routers area you will be able to get back onto the RS2 hotspot again.

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Hi @gmgiadinh176,

After this step, you need to connect your phone with ReachView 3 to the same Wi-Fi network. Then, you’ll see Reach in ReachView 3.

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