Can Software be used for Tilt

I would like to know if software be used to compensate Tilt?
In come cases it is not possible to keep the pole Vertical. And the device ends up tilted.
Can any update in Reachview 3 app be provided to solve this problem?


Hi Rohit,

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To use tilt compensation feature in the software, the receiver should provide data. But tilt feature is not implemented to our devices. That’s why updates in ReachView 3 won’t solve this.

However, we’re looking into ways to have tilt compensation on our receivers in the future. Still, it requires thorough research and testing, which can take us a while.


Just so I can plan upgrades, can you take a guess at when Emlid might release a tilt receiver?


Thank you for your reply.

It means I’ll have to wait for some time for the Tilt upgrade.

I would like to ask you if some more features can be added to the Reachview 3 app.

  1. Can a Google Satellite image can be added as a background to Reachview 3 app.

  2. Can Point, Line, Polygon features be added to the app, so it will be convenient to survey roads, electric lines etc.

  3. Can the app provide with a feature that can enable the users select points and area can be measured directly on the site, rather than processing it on the PC.

  4. Can continuous point taking feature be added, in which the app can take reading after a specified distance (defined by the user) rather than stopping and taking reading manually. If this is possible then we can directly mount the RS2 on a vehicle and drive along taking reading say every 30 meters.

  5. Can the file be exported to kml format too.


We don’t have exact dates right now. But we post all updates in our blog and community forum. So, you will know about it.


Thanks for your suggestions!

Line and polygon features are already on our roadmap, as well as the satellite background map. So, stay tuned!

Regarding the feature with autonomous point collection, I assume you can record a position log. It’s a track of Reach position in XYZ, LLH or NMEA formats. You can find it on the Logging tab in ReachView 3.

I like your idea with a feature that can measure the area just on site. I will pass it and all of your suggestions to our devs.


Hi Emlid…
Came across a video of one of the recievers which emits an audio when fix is attained.
Is it possible that such feature be available to RS+.

Thanks for the new updates…


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Hi Mon,

Reach RS+ doesn’t have a speaker, so it can’t emit a sound when fix is attained. However, ReachView 3 app have an audio when you have fix if sounds are unmuted on your device.


Hi anna,
Thanx for the info.
My cellphone sounds of after a measurement is done. I’ll try to find how it would be for the fix sound…

Thanx again…

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