Can Reach run other code on the Edison using GPS data?

I’m curious if it is possible to run additional code on the Edison?

Specifically, I’d like to mount 2 reach units on a tractor at known positions, then be able to use measured data from teh 2 units to calculate tilt and heading based on the positions. With that, it’s possible to compensate the GPS position for tilt (and have accurate heading down to 0 speed) and create new NMEA messages and output them.

I’ve been hacking at some python code to do this, but it got me wondering if the edison could run code and do this more efficiently than using a separate unit to read the 2 reach units and do the calcs.

Is something like this possible?

Yes! It is a computer just like any other. You can store and run whatever code you like.

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Sure, just like @bide said, it’s a computer that runs full-featured Linux and you have root access.

Hmm…interesting. How hard would it be to write something that takes signals from the local GPS and a second reach , performs calcs on them and outputs a corrected signal?

I have some rough python (3.5) code and taking it local to the system would be very nice.

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You could just set output to a TCP port and use netcat bring it into your script. I’ve made some posts about it in the past, see here. Otherwise, I’m sure you can forget netcat and tell python to read the TCP port directly.