Can not open GNSS/base mode settings tab after software upgrade to v2.25.1

I recently upgraded RS2 base to v2.25.1. I can not get into GNSS settings or Base mode tab to enter coordinates. Correction and Position tabs work fine in settings.
Rover was upgraded to v2.24.2 after software upgrade. It looks like v2.25.1 is in “dev” stage. Can I downgrade to v2.24.2 on the base?

Here is a link to flash firmware from a Windows/Unbunto/macOS computer. Firmware reflashing | Reach RS2/RS2+

I haven’t done this on my RS2. I have on my M2. Just follow the directions in the link.

BTW, it erases everything. After flashing you have to go through initial setup by connecting to the Reach hotspot etc.

Hi Kevin,

We haven’t faced such issues on v2.25.1. It shouldn’t work that way. Let’s investigate what’s wrong with ReachView on your device. Do these tabs stuck in loading or something like that? Would you mind sharing screenshots?

Hello Svetlana,
These tabs were stuck while loading in both app versions.
I did a firmware flash back to v2.24.2 and everything works normally.

Hi Kevin,

Thanks. We’ll try to reproduce this. Please let me know if you face any other difficulties.

Drone Deploy output.csv would be greatly appreciated in the survey mode! Thanks

With respect to v2.24.2, do I need to add my antenna height into manual base mode, or just in the antenna height area? On the previous version I had to add, but it appears when I do this now my elevations are out my antenna height?

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the feature request! We’re going to add more import and export formats in future releases.

When you enter base coordinates in manual mode, you need to fill in the Antenna height field only. There is no need to add antenna height to the Z-coordinate. Also, don’t forget to add 0.134 cm to your survey pole height value.

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