Can not connect power module. Cable problem

Hi guys.

Please, anyone is having problem to connect the cables for the power module? Please see the images. I pushed the connection really hard and does not fit. The other cables seems fine. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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I remember seeing something on this before. Check this thread out.

My powercable which came with the official power module from Emlid did not go in easy either, A little wiggle and it went in OK. A different powercable from an old APM went in easy so I guess the cable that came with the Navio2 had slightly different tollerances.

This do not looks right. I shaved the corners and pushed really hard and still does not fit.

I do not want to break :worried: There is any chance to change the connector?

I mean can I buy the proper one like the brown one for example? The brown one fits perfect, I just do not know the name of these connectors.

Thanks in advance guys.

These connectors are from different manufacturers, but they are compatible. The brown ones are called DF13.
Check that the connector is not filled with dust or something and try to wiggle it a bit when inserting.

Thanks mate. I checked the connection and wasn’t filled with dust. It may be my fault since I’m not that good to handle these connectors but the true is that the brown ones is much better so I ordered some new ones from Ebay. I hope I can have better luck with these DF13.

Thanks again.

Warm Regards.

Ronildo Braga Junior