Can not connect Navio 2 to mission planner

Hi guys, I just got my Navio. I have followed all the steps but cant get it to connect with mission planner. Im using the newest image. I ran two commands to troubleshoot.

  1. Command: sudo systemctl status arducopter
  2. Command: sudo journalctl | grep wpa_supplicant
    Here are the outputs:

Hi, @Thattini,
Could you please provide me with the contents of /etc/default/arducopter and ip addresses of Navio and GCS?

Here they are. Btw important to mention that I have portforwarded the Raspberry Pi. Im at school right now, but it still wont work even when Im home. Im using QGC as my ground station

And what are your port forwarding settings?

Fixed the problem. Apparently I needed to issue a command (-A) to start the UDP connection.

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