Can no longer get corrections from RTK2GO

I recently had Emlid Flow replace Reachview 3. Since then I have not been able to get corrections from RTK2GO. When trying to connect to a mountpoint - and regardless of which mountpoint I try, an error message tells me that it is not available.

Checking with RTK2GO the website tells me that the mountpoints I usually use are working just fine.

I am using Emlid Flow version 8.0 from Google Play Store
My device is a Samsung A70 running Android 11.

I am using my email address as user name and the password “none”, as suggested elsewhere by Emlid.

Does Emlid Flow require a different way to set up corrections?

Hi @boatgypsy,

The NTRIP connection process with Emlid Flow should be exactly the same.

Can you share the screenshot of that error message?

This is just one mountpoint, but any other mountpoint produces the same message.

Thanks! I’ll check it.


I’ve just tested RTK2Go, but haven’t noticed this issue.

Is your device on the latest firmware version? How is it connected to the internet?

If you added credentials via the NTRIP profile, can you try to delete and add them once again?

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