Can Navio2 be interfaced with RPi4 without emlid os on RPi to get the sensor information

Hello all,

I have Navio2 and I want to interface it with my RPi4. My task is to get the sensor data such as accelerations, gravity, magnetometer, barometer data. I have gone through the docs of navio2 and understand that I can get these data following the documentation (Navio2 for developers).

My question is β€œIs it necessary to install emlid os on my RPi4 in order to get the sensor information or I can get the sensor information if Raspbian OS is installed on RPi4” .

I request the community to kindly clarify my question.


Hi @Lazy12316

You will need to use an Emlid Raspbian image since the access to the sensors is only possible via a pre-configured RCIO tool from our image.

However, you can customize the Navio2 image with a pi-gen tool to use only the essential parts of the Emlid Raspbian, e.g. build it without Ardupilot.

Thank you @artem.fomenko for your reply :innocent:.
I will go ahead and install Emlid Raspbian. Would comeback if I face some issues.

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Why not follow
to get the rcio tool without using emlid image?

Navio 2 was sold to me advertising the fact that the full software stack was open source and I could even use whatever image I wanted.

Hi Bernard,

You can build the Raspbian kernel from this repo and RCIO from this one on your own. The pi-gen tool is available too. The full software stack is provided in our GitHub repo.