Can I view Single mode GPS points from log where I was using DGPS?

I’m looking to compare DGPS and Single GPS, and was hoping I could extract a track of just single mode, low accuracy points from a grid I walked while using DGPS (via NTRIP). This way all the conditions are identical, but one log would be utilising base corrections and the other log would be using only single mode GPS.

How would I go about doing that?

And, from my understanding, no DGPS would mean no RTK as well?


How did you save the log? anyways, this is done by processing the refrence data with or without dgps data.
DGPS=no rtk in any way.
DGPS is code based positioning
RTK is carrier-based ranging positioning

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I have an ENU position log, which I assume is the position after base corrections have been applied, the Observations (UBX) file, which I assume is the single receiver observations, and the Base corrections log.

From what I’ve been reading during my thesis, I thought RTK requires a second receiver to resolve integer ambiguity in the carrier wave (if at least for real time measurements, and on a single channel receiver).

I’ll have another crack at the software, thanks.

Ah excellent: This time I set Positioning Mode to single in RTKPOST, and get this wonderful ground track.
Should be perfect for my work.

For comparison, this is the same data with RTK from a CORS about 3km away: