Can I use RPI/Navio 2 with custom Ubuntu OS instead of Ardupilot, etc.?

My name is Keven and I’m an electrical engineer experienced in embedded systems like this.

I was excited to discover the Navio 2 hat for RPI and my company would like to use it for a scale prototype of an eVTOL we’re building, using simulation at first in Matlab.

To do this, we’ll be using the Ubuntu OS (instead of Ardupilot, etc.) and writing in C++ , but since no schematics are available I’m a little concerned about interfacing to this board, but it would be great if we could.

Here are my questions:

  1. Can we use Ubunto OS and C++ instead of Ardupilot, etc.?
  2. Looks like C++ examples are provided for sensor reading? Does anyone know if there are any dependencies or settings we’d need to make the sensors work in our Ubunto OS setup?
  3. Is there a list of which sensors the board uses so we can best set the options available for the sensors? Looks like most of them are spelled out on the respective pages.

Thanks for any help on this topic. I’m still learning about this board and I’m not the software guy, so my questions may be more vague than they could be.

Hi Keven

Welcome to our forum!

In theory, you can do that but it’ll require a lot of non-trivial work to adapt Ubuntu OS for Navio2 needs. So I’m very limited in providing any guidance there. We usually recommend sticking to the original image.

You’re right. We have the scripts for several sensors written in C++. They allow you to read data from the sensors. You can find the scripts in this GitHub repo.

We don’t have a separate list but you can find all of these sensors under the Navio2 for developers section in online docs.

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