Can I see your drone with gimbal builds?

I’m working on my quad and I want to add my gimbal and go pro. But I’m running into the weight barrier. I was hoping people would post pictures of their drones and gimbals so I can get ideas on how to shave the weight down.

I could go to a hex I guess but hadn’t really thought about it until just now. Is that what most people do with a gimbal? Go to a hex copter?

I’m running a tarot 680pro hexacopter, tarot 4006 380KV motors with 1355 props, and a 8Ah 6s battery. Without the gimbal, up to 30 minutes, havent had a calm enough day to try it without. Without building it yourself (custom frame and such) I went with the most dependable and affordable parts. I ended up with a stable bird for under $1k.

For my latest build I went from a 550 hexa to a 700 quad. First test flights were today, and I was very happy :smile:
Quanum Spider 700 Professional Multi-Rotor Frame:
Turnigy nano-tech 5000mah 6S 35~70C Lipo Pack:
Black Widow 3508-400Kv Multirotor Motor w/Built-In 30A Opto ESC CW/CCW (2~6S)
Foxtech Supreme C/F Propeller(15x5.0) V2:
Turnigy Mobius 2-Axis Gimbal with Tarot Controller and AX2206 Motors:
Mobius Action Camera 1080P HD Mini Sports Cam - Standard Edition:

Pictures please!
I’ve looked at that frame and I have some concerns about CoG which is right on the back edge of the plates. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

Wow, thanks for the info guys!

Jlrogers, why did you decide to do a bigger quad instead of a hex? How long of flight times do you get with that battery? Any complaints with any of the parts you listed? Those motors that include the ESC are really cool, I think I want some.


I went with the larger quad because I intend to turn it into a X8 configuration at some later point. I really liked the fact that the frame keeps all the wires and components cleanly tucked away. The frame actually comes ready to be turned into an X8. Flight times with these batteries seem to be around 15-20 minutes, depending on flight profile. Currently working to push the flight time closer to 30-40 minutes, and I’m quite open to any and all ideas :smile: I really do like the Black Widow motors and the fact that they have the ESC built in; no complaints so far, and considering the low cost I had to give them a try. While I do feel that I went rather cheap in regards to the camera and gimbal, my thoughts were that it’s my first gimbal, so I expect something to go wrong/break. Once I know what I really want out of a gimbal, then I’ll throw down on some quality equipment. I’ve attached below a couple of images of the new quad, and a couple of the new quad side by side with the carcass of my old hexa :smile:

I think I’m going to copy your drone haha. I really like the way it looks! I love how I I don’t see any cables anywhere.

Why did you go with the really expensive propellors when you can get cheaper ones with the same size? Does propellor quality make a large difference?

My two cents - I would say props are one thing not to skimp on.

Carbon fiber props are much stiffer than acrylics.

I have purchased cheap cf props and had to do a lot of work to balance them, but a set of tmotor are usually well balanced from the factory.

@jlrogers2 Like your choice of quad. I was looking at a spyder variation/clone as my next quad. Currently f450 flamewheel. Not sure about the v style frame and what difference it makes. It’s for a filming/photography rig. stability and flight times and lifting power. x8 with medium slow kv motors. Whats your purpose with that rig?

@Wildtypitch It’s simply my latest build. I like the fact that the frame has plenty of open space both inside the frame and for mounting underneath. I tried the X8 configuration, and while nifty and wicked cool in appearance, obviously worked counter to my desire for longer flight times. Right now I’m researching 6s 10000+mha 10+c batteries; trying to find that perfect balance of weight to spec. I’m kinda thinking about trying out one of these Lumenier batteries, but I haven’t been able to find any reviews. I dig them because their just 50g more than the 8000mah batteries I’m currently running, but they’re certainly not cheap… Your thoughts?

You might want to look into ncr18650b individual batteries if you operating under 10c (10c only, due to 6s?) and build your own power pack. They’re available in china for around 17rmb ~$2.5 each and can be reclaimed from inexpensive laptop batteries, youtube them, lots of info, provide about double the power to weight as lipo. But are slow discharge.
Are you finding the x8 config that detrimental to your flight times? I’ve basically set myself to x8 for my end multirotor, for aerial photography stuff provides better stability in wind, decent and a smaller wheelbase so no props in shot. I’ve heard varying claims about efficiency with some claiming the reduction in weight due to less arms, wheelbase ( and less material required for rigidity for said wheeblase) makes up for the 20% deficit in efficency from octo to x8.
This guy is flying an x8 wing with the batteries I mentioned, 2hr45 flight time ( guess the wing part helps here) not as good as a Boeing mind.

finally got round to mounting my gimbal and camera. How are you guys controlling the gimbal? My latest version of mission planner doesn’t have half of the controls and options as the Gimbal control page in the ardupilot guides have, there is no channel selection etc, so It’s completely useless. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s even supported? I presume people are using navio for auto missions and automated photogametry. Any clues out there? Seems to be a dry topic.

I’m using a feiyu mini 2d Gimbal and xiaomi Yi camera which I’ve rigged up with a usb cable through the feiyu to power it and take the video (I’m wondering if triggering can be done through this?) I’ve a roll and pitch signal wire going to the navio, ground power and video (inc signal ground, no need to have signal ground going to the navio servo rail ground right?) going to transmitter and battery (gimbal has 5v output).